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Announcement of the month female of Roma activism
Announcement of the month female of Roma activism

In the period from 08 March to 08 April 2014 in B&H Association of Roma Women "Better Future" Tuzla in cooperation with Roma women's network "Success," which brings together Roma women's organizations from F B & H and the RS will implement a month female Roma activism "EQUALITY FOR ALL III" which aims that through a series of activities indicate the status of women with special focus on the Roma women in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the importance of their involvement in public and political life of our country. Activities will include round tables with representatives of institutions at the local level, Forum Theatre, events in communities.

A month female Roma activism was initiated because the Roma women in Bosnia and Herzegovina are subject of multiple discrimination. Roma women are discriminated against on the grounds of belonging to the Roma national minority, on the basis of sex and on the basis of their social origin or status.


A month female Roma activism begins with street actions in nine cities in the Federation and the Republic of Srpska: Tuzla, Kakanj, Zenica, Vitez, Visoko Prnjavor, Bijeljina, Donji Vakuf and Bosanska Krupa in town squares in 12 hours symbolically on the 8th March 2014 on International Women's Day where Roma women will symbolically their fellow citizens to donate flowers and talk with them and indicate the position of the of Roma women in BH society.


More information about the network consisting of nine organizations from Bosnia and Herzegovina can be found at http://zrmuspjeh.com.ba/.


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