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International Day of the Roma language
International Day of the Roma language

November 05th marks the International Day of the Roma language. On that occasion Roma Women's Network is organizing the event marking of this day, which will take place in Vitez in the cinema hall. For guests is provided a rich cultural and entertainment program. Otherwise the Romany language actually a group of more or less different dialects, because Roma everywhere retrieve words and language codes nations among which they lived. Roma does not have a tracking language as a language, because it is not about one ethnic group, but a caste of workers in the service of several kingdoms that had conquered dynasty Gupta and disperse the military caste. To it is later refugee life meet, which led to some similarities in language.

Roma language is the primary language of the majority of Roma in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but otherwise most Roma speak some variance of the Roma language. Analysis of the Roma language has shown that it is closely related to the Indo-European languages ​​spoken in northern India and Pakistan (Punjab). This fact is important for determining the geographical origin of the Roma. the Roma language the only thing they are Roma brought from India. Their language is a witness to the material and spiritual culture which once belonged, while the batch elements of the culture of other nations, with whom they come into contact during his long and still insufficiently explored travel.


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