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Preserving the reproductive health of Roma women
Preserving the reproductive health of Roma women

Association of Roma Women "Better Future" Tuzla carried out preventive programs for reproductive health for Roma women as well as programs to prevent domestic violence. In the previous period, there were several workshops and on 28 October  are presented  the results of projects. 

"Domestic violence prevention and preservation of reproductive health of Roma women in the municipality of Tuzla", is just one of the projects conducted by the Association of Roma Women "Better Future" from Tuzla. The aim of the projects was to Roma women are educated on ways of ensuring health care; to raise their awareness of the importance of reproductive health and to perform diagnostic gynecological examinations and mammograms. The project included 120 women. 

Part of the project was aimed at the prevention of violence against Roma women. Through visits to Roma communities were focus on raising awareness of Roma men on measures of the Law on Protection from Domestic Violence. 

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