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Workshop on "Prevention of Domestic Violence"
Workshop on "Prevention of Domestic Violence"

Association of Roma Women "Better Future" Tuzla in partnership with CARE International implements the project titled "Prevention of domestic violence and preservation of reproductive health of Roma women in the municipality of Tuzla" with the aim of reducing the number of Roma women victims of domestic violence as well as their greater involvement in the health care system .With the aim of raising awareness Roma men and women the prevention of domestic violence and protective measures the Law on Protection against Domestic Violence a lecture and institutions responsible react in such cases, a workshop was held for the Rome / Roma women on "Prevention of Domestic Violence".

Violence against women and children, as well as domestic violence, one of the greatest challenges of Bosnian society. This is a problem that has recently come from the private to the public sphere. In fact, a long time is a partner and domestic violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina seen as a private family matter. Intervention society has become more intense in the last decade when to raise awareness that prevent this kind of violence is imperative in the field of human rights.

Although for B & H there are some statistics on the number and type of domestic violence, from the relevant institutions point out that these figures are only the "tip of the iceberg" because many more cases remain unreported.

According to a survey on the prevalence and incidence of violence against women and domestic violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina, more than half of the women in the sample (47.2% in BiH, 47.2% in FBiH and 47.3% in RS) experienced at least some form of violence after the age of 15. During the 12 months preceding the survey, some form of violence experienced a 11.9% women in the country (12.7% in FBiH and 10.6% in RS). The findings suggest that the most widespread psychological violence, with a total prevalence rate of 41.9% during the life and 10.8% in the past year, and it's followed by physical violence, with the rate of prevalence in the life level of 24.3% in the last year of 2.4%. Sexual violence was experienced by 6% of women, while this experience in the past year, 1.3% of women.

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