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Workshop on preserving reproductive health of Roma women
Workshop on preserving reproductive health of Roma women

Association of Roma Women "Better Future" was organized in Tuzla workshop within the project "Prevention of Domestic Violence and the preservation of reproductive health of Roma women in the area of Tuzla."

The aim of the workshop is to advance awareness of the importance of Roma preventive gynecological and breast examinations and prevention of domestic violence.

We saw that Roma women are increasingly coming into our associations and interest for their health. Through this project is included 25 women for gynecological examinations and the same for breast examinations. We want to prevent cervical cancer and breast cancer, since it is known that a lot of Roma women do not visit the doctors and do not have enough resources to pay for examinations. In this project, we anticipate two workshops on reproductive health and domestic violence - said the president of the Association of Roma Women "Better Future" Indira Bajramovic.

On the importance of reproductive health, said Dr. Senad Selmanović, family medicine specialists. Prevention is the key thing when it comes to human health, and this is where one can most to do for themselves, or to prevent the formation and occurrence of diseases.


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