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Overcoming social exclusion of Roma women
Overcoming social exclusion of Roma women

Association of Roma women "better future" Tuzla in cooperation with the Red Cross Tuzla implements micro project titled "Overcoming social exclusion of Roma women" with the aim of reduced number of socially disadvantaged Roma population and increase their involvement in the local community.

Within this micro we bought the greenhouse and related equipment that is required to work in a greenhouse and purchased seeds and seedlings for vegetables. Project also includes the training of young Roma woman on entrepreneurship and self empoyment. Both components of the project will definitely affect on the decreased poverty and to raise confidence among Roma women, their promotion in the community and to overcome the prejudice that Roma are a people who do not want to work.

Roma families from Kiseljak and Bukinje were donated greenhouses for greenhouse production, and they are bound to the amount of 20% of the allocation for several socially vulnerable Roma families.

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