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Assistance to flooded Roma communities
Assistance to flooded Roma communities

Association of Roma women "Better future" Tuzla conducted numerous activities to humanitarian and other assistance to flooded Roma communities. As is well known in the previous period, catastrophic floods have hit many towns and cities in the country and the region, not spared either  vulnerable and marginalized Roma community. Once established travel communications staff and volunteers of our organization have visited the most vulnerable Roma community in the area of Tuzla Canton and on this occasion realized the damage caused to residential property and identify what is needed for urgent humanitarian assistance.

In cooperation with international organizations, World Vision, CARE International and also from our own resources we have provided humanitarian assistance to following Roma communities: Tuzla, Kiseljak (refugee camps and Bankerova), Banovici (Oskova), Zivinice (karaula), Lukavac (Soda, Koksara and Samacka ) and Modricki Lug (RS). On this occasion, the humanitarian assistance in the form of food packages, hygiene packages, packages for babies, means of disinfection in these Roma communities divided for 821 persons, of whom children under 5 years of age total 91, children aged 6-18 years 340, 210 women and 177 men of the Roma population. In addition to these types of assistance to our Association is the international organization CARE International donated three pumps for pumping water and  four dehumidifier that we have give to the use of our fellow citizens with the assistance and help in using them.

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