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Peking +20
Peking +20

In the context of the twentieth anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women and the adoption of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action for Gender Equality Agency in cooperation and with the support of UN WOMEN initiated the process of the review of progress in implementing the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action for Bosnia and Herzegovina "Beijing +20 ".

Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action adopted at the Fourth World Conference on Women, which was held on 15 September 1995th year. The main objective is the improvement of the Beijing Declaration, "the objectives of equality, development, peace for the benefit of all women in the world and in the interests of humanity as a whole." The Platform for Action is engaged primarily by eliminating barriers to equal participation of women in economic, cultural and political decision-making, as well as for the realization of equal rights of men and women in private and public life.

Gender Equality Agency of BiH organized five meetings with civil society organizations in order to vote for women and men of Bosnia and Herzegovina was reflected in a report that will be presented at the 59th session of the Commission on the Status of Women of the United Nations 2015th year.

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