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Forum on Gender Equality in political parties
Forum on Gender Equality in political parties

The Commission for Gender Equality of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH Agency for Gender Equality of BiH, in cooperation with the OSCE Mission to BiH, organized a forum on gender equality in political parties, whose aim was to exchange views on the gender perspective in the program documents of political parties, as well as practices to promote the involvement of women in political parties.

During the session entitled "Programs of political parties from the perspective of gender equality" and "The practice of political parties in recruiting women" talked about how the political parties support the principle of gender equality, as well as the fact that concrete measures taken by the political parties to include gender perspective in their programs. Also, led a discussion on how the political parties ensure the representation of both sexes, and what are the criteria for determining the names of male and female candidates on electoral lists and appointment to the position.

As was pointed out during the discussion led to the Forum, all women and men have the same constitutionally guaranteed right to participate in political and public life, but it is necessary to achieve more than equal treatment and opportunities, and work to achieve results, taking into account the specific needs of women and men .

The work of the Forum was attended by ambassadors and delegates from PA BiH and the BiH Federation Parliament, representatives of gender mechanisms of legislative and executive authorities, representatives of non-governmental organizations, and international organizations and embassies in BiH.

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